Specialty printing products, supplies, and service.
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Brooks Duplicator Company, based in Houston, Texas, sells specialty printers, supplies and service. Create your own full-color posters, banners, presentation materials, awards, stickers, ID badges, name plates, educational materials, and other large visuals.

Since 1964, Brooks Duplicator Company has provided the equipment to help schools, universities, law firms, corporations, manufacturing facilites, architects, and retailers bring specialty printing in-house. Get conveneint, easy to use, on-demand printing solutions for a fraction of the cost of a print shop.

Minikote Two-Sided Laminator

The Two-Sided Minikote Hot Laminator is easy to operate and perfect for classroom and office environments. Easily protect and preserve all educational and professional documents, including: charts, posters, maps, newspapers clippings, teaching aid...

ProFinish Cold Laminator

We no longer sell the Pro Finish Cold Laminating System. We do sell the laminate supplies. 

CM-200E Label Maker

The CM-200E is no longer manufactured. We will continue to sell supplies for this sign and label maker. 

PM-100A Label Maker

The PM-100 is no longer manufactured. We will continue to sell supplies for this sign and label maker. 

LABELlab 9600KI Labeling Machine

This powerful, portable, industrial labeling system by K-Sun provides notebook-style portability, easy to apply crack-and-peel labels, and high resolution bar code printing. 


We no longer sell the LETREX 720 labeling machine. We do still sell the supplies. 


We no longer sell the LETREX 700 labeling machine. We do still sell the supplies. 

Inspiration Vūe™

The Inspiration Vūe™ from Pazzles is a powerful system designed to make electronic die cutting fast, easy, and fun.

ID Card Printer

The DTC1250e is the fastest, highest quality single-sided ID printer and encoder in its class. This system is perfect for small to medium-sized ID applicaations, including: student IDs, employee badges, and access control cards.