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LABELlab 9600KI Labeling Machine

This powerful, portable, industrial labeling system by K-Sun provides notebook-style portability, easy to apply crack-and-peel labels, and high resolution bar code printing. 

The LABELlab® 9600Ki label printer allows you to label in more ways than ever. The 9600Ki is the ultimate industrial labeling solution—perfect for inventory control, patch panel identification, asset management, laboratory labeling, general labeling, telecommunications, plant maintenance and repair operations, and pharmaceutical labeling applications.

The K-Sun LABELlab® 9600Ki label printer boasts professional quality 360 dpi resolution, making it easy to produce sharp, legible type that includes bar codes or serial numbers for everything from small circuit boards to large 1.5" high signs.

The K-Sun LABELlab® 9600Ki label printer is both PC and MAC compatible.

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