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Maintenance Cartridges iPF6 and iPF7series Poster Printers

Maintenance Cartridges for iPF6series and iPF7series poster printers.


Maintenance Cartridge  MC-16 (600,610 machine)


Maintenance Cartridge  MC-10 (650, 750 and 760 machine)


& 3 Color (8946501) (Electronics)I bought these and they all have proembls. Some get a message on the Kodak print monitor that say, cartridge not recognized. Some just won't print. Some print with lines or drops on paper.Definitely not worth the time.

Nov 28, 2015

& 3 Color (8946501) (Electronics)I read the reviews and deicedd to take a chance and try these. I have used compatable ink with Brother and various other printers in the past with little difference in quality. However, these have a big difference in quality, and half the time they do not work! First, the black ink comes out blurry on the paper; not sharp letters like you're used to. I could probably live with that except that I went through all the cartridges just to get one color and one black cartridge to work for more than a day. Error messages keep coming up and the printer will not work at all. I followed all the special instructions for this problem, but after a few print jobs, the error message would pop up again. Hassle after hassle! I buy alot from Amazon, and don't usually return anything, but believe me, these went back!

May 24, 2015